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  • Event is open for degree and polytechnic students

  • Online registration is available at college website

  • Maximum Group Size 4 students

  • One page abstract should be sent (through e-mail) on or before 12th February, 2019

  • Requirement for project (e.g. power supply, hardware and software, etc.) should be informed along with abstract

  • I-card is compulsory at the time of registration

  • All the registered participants will be awarded with participation certificate

  • No accommodation and travelling allowances will be paid by JIT, Nashik

  • Transport facility will be available from New central Bus Stand (New CBS) to college at 8.15 am. Contact: Mr. Ramesh Ghule 9527890337

Rules and Regulations for C'odes

    Warning: These are still provisional and may be subject to slight change!

    1.1. General
  • The contest will be held on 15th Feb 2019, in the Computer Laboratory on the 1st floor of the Computer Department. Contestants should meet at 9:30 for a brief introductory talk (Inauguration Ceremony). The contest proper will begin at 10.00 am - and end at 13.00.

  • Individuals or teams of up to two people will be allowed to compete. All contestants are required to present a valid student identification card and registration receipt.

  • Contestants cannot bring any notes or textbooks to the contest room. Blank sheets of paper and pencils will be supplied.

  • Contestants in the same team can discuss the problems they are assigned. However, they should do so in a quiet way and without disturbing contestants in other teams.

  • Referees will be assigned to observe teams throughout the contest and report any problems and/or violations of the rules to the Contest Committee.

  • All the registered participants will be awarded with participation certificate

  • Check your allocated systems properly in working condition or not. If not please report to the volunteers immediately. No complaints will be entertained afterwards.

  • Teams may submit only a single solution to each problem.

    1.2. Evaluation of Contestants' Programs

    Round First:

  • MCQ’s on C language online evaluation. Selected students from 1st round allowed for 2nd round.

  • Round Second:

  • One C Program with specific aim and output will be given for competition.

  • The group which will execute and shows the correct output in shortest time will be winner.

Rules for NFS -2019

  • Entry fee 50/-per Student

  • Maximum Participant per group - 01 Student only

  • In this round circuit races will be played

  • Two groups will be competing in this round (One group of four participants)

  • With this process 1 participant will be the winner from two groups and will be advanced to next round

  • This process will be continued until we get top final participants

  • Any query related to this competition should be asked by Team Leader only

Short Circuit Mania

    1) First Round:
  • Technical Test (Diploma level questions/ Basic electronics)

    Rule: The test will be conducted for 20 minute that would include 20 questions for 30 marks. If test is cracked, the group will be qualified for the next round.
  • 2) Second Round:

  • Circuit fault finding on paper (basic circuits)

    Rule: 2 circuits having some fault are given to each group. Those who have find faults in given circuits within the time limit of 20 minute, the group will be qualified for the next round.
  • 3) Third Round:

    Implementation of the Circuit.

    Rule: The groups that would qualify the second round will have to implement the same circuit.
  • Note: Each round will be an elimination round.

Rules and Regulations for Robo Race

    Rules for Robo Race (Sprint)
  • The robots build by given dimension and specification will be allowed for game.

  • The rounds will be decided according to groups participated.

  • The robot which gains maximum points will be the winner.

    Rules and Regulations
  • The team should consist at the most 4 members.

  • Each member from same college is not mandatory.

  • The robot should follow the robot specifications provided. Any deviation from the mentioned specifications will lead to disqualification.

  • No test practice will be allowed on main arena.

  • Once the race begins, three hand touches are allowed, if hand touch is utilised; you will have to continue from same place, with penalty.

  • Terminals for charging the battery will not be provided in the college.

  • The arena may subject to change before the commencement of any round.

  • The decision of the judges will be final and Argument with judges in any form will lead to the disqualification of the team.

  • Robots Specifications

  • Any changes in the robo will not be allowed after starting the race.

  • Lego kits are strictly not allowed in any form.

  • The L X B X H* should not exceed 30cm X 30cm X 30cm.

  • The net weight should not exceed 3kg.

  • However a tolerance of 5% is acceptable.

  • Power source may be on board or will be provided if required.

  • Wired or wireless robots are allowed.

  • The length of wire (for wire bots) should be long enough to cover the whole track and the wire should remain slack during the complete run.

  • The maximum allowed voltage to power the robot is 24V.

  • General Rules

  • The structure of the robot should not be changed during the competition.

  • During the game play if any part of a robot is destructed/ dismantled/ damaged the participant will be given a timeout to repaired at an expense of penalty, while the next participant for will be called the play.

  • Only one timeout will be given for any participant and the the participant will repair it without the help from the mentor.

  • The better of two score will be considered as final.

  • If the total time taken by the robot the participant will be disqualified.

  • No readjustment is allowed during the run.


  • All students with a valid identity card of their respective educational institutes are eligible to participate in event.

  • Student Coordinator

  • Prathamesh Dondage - 7875315045 Rohit Hagawane- 9923099323

Bridge Avishkar - 2019

    Rules for Bridge Making
  • Entry fee 150/- per group

  • Maximum Participant per group: - 03 students only

  • Span of Bridge 80 cm.

  • Width of Bridge 15 cm.

  • Height of Bridge 15 cm. (Including the road thickness).

  • Use only standard wooden ice-cream candy stick for model making.

  • Use only Fevicol as binding material.

  • Time for preparing Bridge is 2 Hours only.

  • After preparations bridges will be subjected to destructive load test.

  • In case of tie in load carrying capacity, the weight (lesser weight) of the bridge will be the criteria for deciding winner.

  • The shape of the deck must be rectangular in the longitudinal direction.

  • Once the structure is measured, you are not permitted to change your structure.

  • In case that any of these requirements are not met, point deductions (as mentioned) or disqualification might be forced at the sole discretion of the organizers.

  • The organizers hold all rights to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit.

  • Any query related to this competition should be asked by Team Leader only.


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