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Laboratory Details of Department Of Civil Engineering

# Name Of Laboratory Area(sq. m ) Equipments
1 Surveying 76 Laser Level , Theodolite GPS, Dumpy Level, Tilting Level , Total Station, Optic Thedolight
2 Applied Mechanics 76 Polygone Appratus, Belt friction
3 Geo-Technical Engineering 76 Direct Shear Test, Triaxial cell, CBR Test, Vane Shear, Permability Test Appratus
4 Testing of Material 76 UTM, CTM, Tile flexure, Impact testing machine, Automatic Sieve Shaker
5 Basic Civil Engineering Lab 76 GPS, Electronic Distance meter, Ghat Traser,
6 Engineering Geology Lab 76 Minerals, Rocks, Geology Modeals,Colour and Lustre,Hardnes Collection : Set Of 9 minerals
7 Turbo Machine Lab 76 Centrifugal Pump 15 HP Drive,Pelton Wheel Turbine 5 HP Output ,Hydraullic / Tilting Flume ( 6 Meter ) ,Wind Tunnel 4 Meter,Francis Turbine ( 5 HP Output )
8 Engineering Machnics Lab. 76 Law of paralleogram, law of polygon, Momment of Ineria, Friction belt, curviliner motion appratus.
9 Environmental Engineering Lab. 76 High Volume Sampler,Spectrometer Digital,Autoclave ,Digital Flame Photometer,Digital Sound Level Meter,Colony Counter
10 Computer Adid Design Lab. 76 Latest Configuration Desktops 20 Nos. Auto CAD, STADD-Pro.
11 Drawing Hall 152 Drawing tables (Adjuatable), Height xAdjustable Stools , Models Charts