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Laboratory Details of Department Of Electronics & Telicommunication Engineering

# Name Of Laboratory Area (sq. m ) Equipments
1Basic Electronics Engineering (BXE) 76 D.S.O, Functions Generator,Regulated Power Supply, Digital Multimeters
2 Electronics design lab 76 30Mhz Dual trace Oscilloscope, multichannel-waveform signal gnerator, Multioutput adjustable regulated Power supply ,Digital multimeter with terminal blocking system
3 Electronics Network & Power lab 76 Techbook Digital lab kits, Digital IC Tester ,Digital LCR Meter, Oscilloscope
4 Communication-Lab 76 MOSFET,IGBT,Transistor&SCR based step down Chopper, R,RC Triggering circuit, Sampling&Reconstruction, DSB/SSB AM Transmitter,Frequency modulation /Demodulation
5 DSP Lab 76

LCD Projected: NEC Pj V230x,DLP Projector,Brightness C2300 ANSI Lumens,Contrast 2000:1,Lamp Life 3500 hrs in dormal mode & 5000hrs in eco mode.DSP Starter kit (DSK)TMS320C6713, With Code Composer Studio Make:TEXAS

6 Measurement & PCB Design Lab 76

Digital Storage Oscilloscope(60 MHz), True RMS Meter (Model:1083), 30 MHz Oscilloscope with color LCD

7 Embedded &Micro Controller Lab 76 In System Programming facility,RS232(UART)interface,8 user Programeble LED's /44matrics,Keypad 16*2 LCD module/12C Based RTC,EEPROM Interface/SPI Based EEPROM,DAC Interface/Buzzer for PWM Appl/DC Moter Interface.Tempuretur,Sensor,Debugger and Programmer. ARM 7 LPC 2148 Trainer Kit Development Board, Training Kit for WLAN
8 Antenna Wave Propagation Lab 76 Touch Screen TET Display 40MHZ -4.3 GHZ Motorized Rootation (Stepper Control)+ Coaxial Slotted Line +10 SmA Antennas +Plotting Software Model Microwave Test Bench MW Engg Klystron Based
9 Audio &Viedo Lab 76 Remote Controlled Colour Tv Trainer, Colour Pattern Generator, DTH TV Receiver Trainer, Audio/Viedo/MP3/CD/DVD Player Trainer, Boardband Communication System Demonstrator 2.4Ghz Freq. Band Communication System, Optical Fibre Bending Loss&Propagation Delay Trainer