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Seminar / Workshop in Department of E & TC Engineering


One Day Seminar on Introduction to Latex Schedule on 3rd November 2012  

This seminar intends at promoting the use of Open Source Software. Latex widely used in academia because of high quality of typesetting. Latex useful to faculty and students for report generation. This seminar will cover :-
  1. Introduction to Latex,
  2. How to Install the Latex.
  3. What are different commands used in Latex for Simple Document.
  4. What are different typsetting for report generation.

Workshop on "MATLAB & Simulink" conducted on 6-10 Jun 2016

Workshop on Embedded System Design using PIC Microcontroller
Date : 14/06/2016, 15/06/2016

Course Content:
1) Introduction to Embedded Systems & Microcontroller
2) Introduction to PIC microcontroller
3) Features of PIC18F4550
4) Introduction to MPLAB IDE
5) Introduction to C programming
6) Embedded  C Programming
7) Programming of real world interfacing and hardware simulation
8) Interfacing  of PIC18F4550 with switches, LED, relay, buzzer, DC motor.