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Faculty Details of Department Of Mechanical Engineering

Name Designation Qualification Experience Photo Detail Profile
Prof.Devidas R Patil Head Of Department ME (Design) Teaching-07 Yrs Paper Published: 04 National , 06 International Subject Taught:-I. C. Engine, MD-II, TOM-II
Prof. Sagar Aswar Assistant Professor M.E(Mechanical CAD-CAM) Teaching-13 Yrs Papers Published:5 International, 5National 5
Prof. Amay.R.Tipayale Assistant Professor M.E (Design) Ind-2 Yrs Teaching-3 Yrs Paper Published in 5 International ,1 National Subject Taught: TOMI,II MQC MPI,II
Prof. Dipalee S. Bedse Assistant Professor M.E (Machine Design) Teaching-04 Yrs Paper Published: 01 National , 03 International Subject Taught:-CAD-CAM, MD-I,II, CAMD
Prof. Kalpesh Anil Shinde Assistant Professor M.E (CAAD) Ind-01Yrs Teaching-04 Yrs Paper Published: 02 National , 02 International Subject Taught:-Fluid Mechanics, AT
Prof. Yugendarsing R Girase Assistant Professor M.E (Thermal Engg.) Ind-01 Yrs Teaching-05 Yrs

Paper Published: 02 National Subject Taught:-Thermodynamics,Material Science

Prof. Kiran S. Bhusal Assistant Professor M.E (Heat power) Ind-01 Yrs Teaching-05 Yrs Paper Presented 1-International, 1-national conference Paper Published :01 International Journal Subject Taught:- H& P, IFP, EG, RAC
Prof. A. A. Patil Assistant Professor M.E. (Mechanical General) Teaching-05 Yrs 02 National Subject Taught: DME-II, TOM-II, MSD, DOM Software orientation master cam
Prof. P. K. Jain Assistant Professor M.E. (Heat Power) Ind-03 Yrs Teaching-05 Yrs Paper Published-04 International Conference- 02 Subject Taught- HT, ATD, PPE, Turbo Machinery
Prof. H. R. Mahale Assistant Professor M.E. (Design) Teaching-03 Yrs Paper Published-02 National 1-International Subject Taught- EM, DME II, AMP & EDG
Prof.R. R.Sonawane Assistant Professor M.E. (Heat Power) Ind-01 Yrs Teaching-03 Yrs Paper Published-02 National Subject Taught- BME, EDG, HT, PPE
Prof. V. A. Revaskar Assistant Professor ME. (Thermal Engg.) Ind-02 Yrs Teaching-02 Yrs Paper Published: 01 International
Prof. N. P. Dhake Assistant Professor ME. (CAD/CAM) Ind-5.6 Yrs Teaching-08 Yrs Paper Published: 02 International
Prof. P. N. Pakale Assistant Professor ME. (Mechanical General) Teaching-04 Yrs Paper Published: 04 International
Mr. T. A. Mali Technical Asssistant B.E.( Machanical) 02 yrs Skill Set: Software-NX,Solid Works,Autocad
Mr. G. B. Patil Technical Asssistant B.E.( Machanical) Ind-01 Yrs and Teaching-02 Yrs Skill Set: Mechatronics, CNC Turning, Milling Software-NX,Solid Works,Autocad
Mr. S. R. Pinjari Lab Assistant Diploma Mechanical 1 Yrs Skill Sets: FM & ATD Lab
Mr. Pravin Khalane Instructor ITI, NCTVT,ATI / CTI Ind-4 Yrs Teaching-05 yrs Skill Set: Specialization in Workshop Practices
Mr. R. C. Nile Instructor ITI, NCTVT, Advance Course in CNC Machining Ind-04 Yrs Teaching-03yrs Skill Set: Specialization in Workshop Practices, Carpentry
Mr. A. B. Mane Instructor ITI (Welder) Ind-04 Yrs Teaching-03 months Skill Set: Specialization in Workshop Practices, Welding
Mr. Kiran Rathod Peon HSC 04 yrs
Mr. Avinash Wagh Peon BA 01 yrs  
Mr.Samadhan Patil Peon HSC 05 Yrs