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Laboratory Details of Department Of Mechanical Engineering

# Name Of Laboratory Area (sq. m ) Equipments
1 Drawing Hall 152 Drawing tables (Adjuatable), Height xAdjustable Stools , Models Charts
2 Basic Mechanical Engineering Lab 76 Models, Charts &cut sections of various mechanical equiment
3 Applied Thermodynamics Lab 76 Exhaust Gas Analyzer Bomb Calorimeter
4 Fluid Mechanics Lab 76 Verfication of Bernoullis Theorm Venturi Oriface Calibration Setup Losses In Pipes
5 CAD CAM Labrotary 76 Master CAM X9, ANSYS 16, Latest Configuration Desktops 20 Nos.MATLAB, Pro-E Auto CAD
6 Engineering Metallaurgy Material Science 76 UTM 100 ton Capacity, Rockwell - Brinnel Hardness Test, Izod And Charpy Test, Poldi Hardness Testering
7 Heat Transfer 76 Stefan Boltzman's Apparatus, Conduction through composite wall, convection of Test Pipe, Pin fin apparatus, Parallel & counter flow heat exchanger
8 Theory of Machines I 76 Bi-filar suspension & Tri-filar suspension, Rope brake dynamometer, Four bar chain mechanism, Cranks slider mechanism
9 Theory of Machines II 76 Synchromesh gear box, differential gear box, brake liner test rig, Industrial gear box, watts mechanism
10 Hydraulics and Pneumatics 76 Study of different switches and relays, Vane pump test rig, Flow mearurement trainer, Gear pump test rig, PLC Programming trainer kit
11 Metrology and Quaulity control 76 Profile projector, Auto collimater, Tool Maker Microscope, Vernier Calliper Micrometer, Slip gauges, Optical Flat.
12 Dynamics of Machinery 76 Transverse vibration of beam apparatus, Natural frequency of damp vibration, Torsional vibration of 2 Rotor system
13 Refrigeration & Air- Conditioning 76 Domistic refrigeration test rig, VCC/Vapor compression test rig, Ice plant test rig, Air conditioning test rig