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Faculty Details

Name Designation Qualification Experience Photo Detail Profile
Prof. G.P. Mohole Head Of Department PhD.(Pursuing), M.E. CSE 21 Yrs ISTE (LM-60446)
Book- 01 with 2 Revised Addition
Paper Publication
IJCA-02 JICT-01 ACM-01 IJCT-01
Prof. S.A. Patil Associate Professor (PhD. Pursuing), M. Tech E&TC 27 Yrs Workshop Attended : 05
National Level under FDP
Paper published Journals International
: 04 National
Prof. S.B. Patil Assistant Professor M.Tech 12.5 Yrs Workshop Attended : 04
National Level under FDP
Wokshop attended on DBMS
(IIT, Mumbai)
Prof. V.R. Bhadane Assistant Professor Ph.D (Pursuing) M.Tech(CSE),
Diploma(Cyber Law)
International(E-Commerce Law)
08 Yrs Workshop Attended : 05
National Level Wokshop
attended on Rational Rose, DBMS
Paper published in International
Journals : 04
Prof. D.D. Survase Assistant Professor M.E. 04 Yrs Workshop Attended : 01
Paper published in International
Journals : 02
Attended Naional & Internation
Conference: 01
Prof. S.N. Botekar Assistant Professor



06 Yrs

FDP : 05

International Journal : 02

Prof. J.P. Patil Assistant Professor M.E. 06 Yrs

FDP : 05

Prof. Chitra Garg Assistant Professor M.Tech 06 Yrs

FDP : 01

International Journal : 02

Prof. V.D. Badgujar Assistant Professor MTech(SE), MBA(IT),
SET Qualified,
12 Yrs

FDP Attended: 25

Workshop Attended: 07

Paper Published: 04

Conference: 02

Prof. S.A. Handore Assistant Professor M.E.(CSE) 09 Yrs

Workshop Attended: 3

Industrial Training : 01

Paper Published: 02

Conference: 02

Prof. P.C. Shah Assistant Professor M.E. 07 Yrs Skill set: Expert in Networking
Apprearing for CCNA
Prof. M.S. Shelar Assistant Professor M.Tech(VLSI Design) 12 Yrs

International paper published : 03

Seminar Attended : 05

FDP Attended : 04


Prof. Prof.J. R. Bhalerao Assistant Professor M.Sc. Mathematics 1 Yrs Seminar Attended : 01
Mr. L.V. Shinde System Admin MSc(Computer) 11 Yrs Skill set: Expert in Networking
Appearing for CCNA
Mr. T.V. Sabale TA Diploma(Computer) 3 months